CAF News: Member States involvement and next steps to CAF2020

By KFrenken

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is an important result of the cooperation within the EUPAN-Network. Starting as model for quality management in the public sector in the year 2000 CAF is a unique standard for excellent public governance in Europe. More than 4000 public sector organizations have used CAF in 55 countries and around 200 CAF Effective Users Labels have been assigned. The CAF 2013 version has been translated into more than 28 languages.

At the end of 2017, the CAF Correspondents decided to update the model. The aim is to present the new version in 2020. So far, several steps have been taken, starting with the working group meeting in Tallinn in September 2017, the April 2018 CAF User Event that took place in Bulgaria, the working group meeting in October 2018 in Vienna till the last working group meeting in Bucharest in May 2019. Looking ahead, the Finnish presidency is already fixing dates for a two-day meeting in Helsinki in October 2019, which will be pivotal to finalise the remaining criteria of the CAF model. During the past year and a half, the CAF Correspondents have agreed on the revision of the first five criteria of the model. These criteria were discussed for a final time in Bucharest. The next steps will also see the involvement of the Italian delegation that is planning to host a meeting for the CAF core group as well as a web meeting to continue working on the revision of the model.

The on-going interest in the CAF model was also shown by each CAF Correspondent that presented the CAF activities in their own country during the last meeting in …read more

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