EU-RAIL JU Call Proposals 2023-01

Identifier: HORIZON-JU-ER-2023-01
Pillar: Climate, Energy and Mobility
Opening Date:
Deadline: Wed, 7 Feb 2024 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Modification Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2024

Latest information:

A total of 24 proposals were submitted to this call.


HORIZON-ER-JU-2023-ExplR-01: 4 proposals

HORIZON-ER-JU-2023-ExplR-02: 4 proposals

HORIZON-ER-JU-2023-ExplR-03: 3 proposals

HORIZON-ER-JU-2023-ExplR-04: 7 proposals

HORIZON-ER-JU-2023-ExplR-05: 2 proposals

HORIZON-ER-JU-2023-ExplR-06: 3 proposals

HORIZON-ER-JU-2022-FA7-01-SESAR: 1 proposal


The evaluation of the proposals will start in February 2024 and will be finalized in March 2024.


Applicants are expected to be informed about the outcome of the evaluations, indicatively, April 2024.


The successful proposals will go through the Grant Agreement Preparation (GAP) phase and the deadline for the Grant Agreement signature is scheduled for mid-2024.