2. Analysis

The major goal of the Analysis phase to find a solution for the identified problem from the Agenda Setting phase. Based on the research through variouse data-sources a number solutions can be collected, which later on needs to be reduced on the most sufficient looking ones.

2.1 Identification of challenges and opportunities

This refers to the identification of challenges and opportunities associated with an agenda item. In the analysis-phase knowledge and evidence has to be collected from a broad variety of sources such as research-based knowledge, project and policy implementation knowledge and statistics. In
order to facilitate policy goals they must be measured and their influencing factors must be determined from the very beginning. Already at this stage opinions can be collected actively from stakeholders as a preparation of the next phase.

2.2 Determine Solution Approaches and Strategies

The objective is to develop a range of options refers allows the stakeholders (citizens, civil servants, companies, etc.) to determine the range of options under review. In addition it is proposed to simulation the options. This step is not mandatory and means that the impact of the policy is simulated. Social Media can also be used to collect opinions of stakeholders concerning the goals and objectives. Option Analysis includes various characteristics of the options such as impact, costs, efforts, risks etc. involved.