3. Policy Formulation and Creation

The goal of the Policy Formulation and Creation phase is to discuss solutions with experts, represents form interest groups and citizens to identify the best suitable solution or the most accepted one. The most successful result will be the creation of the policy.

3.1 Dialogue phase

The dialogue phase aims at establishing a dialogue, reaching a consensus and finally chose among the various policy alternatives. Discussion and deliberations can be enabled through various channels such as social media, expert groups meetings, meetings with interest groups, public hearings etc. The results are summarized and published so they are available to the public.

3.2 Formulation

During the formulation phase the creation of a good policy document based on formal consultations, risk analysis and pilot studies is ensured. Active participation is limited in this phase [Ma04a]. The evaluation of options in the current context refers to the evaluation and fine-tuning of the intended policy in the current legal, organizational and political context. At the end one or more alternative fine-tuned policy proposals are drafted for ratification in the decision making bodies.