2.1.1 Definitions of Values and Goals

In addition to the Macintosh model the FUPOL policy life cycle proposes the definition of values and goals and the development of criteria and indicators how to measure the impact in the policy topic in this phase.

The underlying fundamental assumptions of human behaviour is that:

  • Behavior is purposive
  • Behavior is systematic
  • People use a problem solving approach in dealing with their environment.

Political actors set goals to meet the assumed needs. Consequently one of the steps in a policy analysis models is determination of goals. A goal answers the question “What is the policy supposed to do, anyhow?” Note that a goal is an end, not a means to an end. Goals are abstract and general, whereas objectives are specific and concrete.A goal of a policy could be the strengthening of the families. The objective to reach the goal might be to enable mothers and fathers to take six weeks of unpaid leave to care for a new born and return to the job with no change in assignment or demotion.

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