Excellence Hubs

Identifier: HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-07
Pillar: Widening participation and spreading excellence
Opening Date:
Deadline: Thu, 7 Mar 2024 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Modification Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2024

Latest information:

Excellence Hubs: HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-07-01

CALL Update: Flash Evaluation Results



Published: 06/12/2022

Deadline: 07/03/2024

Available budget: EUR 60 million

The results of the evaluation are as follows:

Number of proposals submitted (including proposals transferred from or to other calls)        205

Number of inadmissible proposals                                                                                              6

Number of ineligible proposals                                                                                                    5

Number of above-threshold proposals                                                                                    120

Total budget requested for above-threshold proposals                              EUR  622.633.685,00

Number of proposals retained for funding                                                                                 11

Number of proposals in the reserve list                                                                                      5


Funding threshold                                                                                                                   14

(NB: proposals with the same score were ranked according to the priority order procedure set out in the call conditions (for HE, in the General Annexes to the Work Programme or specific arrangements in the specific call/topic conditions)).


Ranking distribution

Number of proposals with scores lower or equal to 15 and higher or equal to 14                     14

Number of proposals with scores lower than 14 and higher or equal to 13                               22

Number of proposals with scores lower than 13 and higher or equal to 10                               84


Summary of observer report

The Evaluation of the Call Excellence Hubs HORIZON WIDERA 2023 ACCESS 07 started on March 26, 2024 with the first online briefing for Experts. In total, four online briefings took place for launching the different evaluation phases (Individual Evaluation Report (IER), Consensus Report (CR), Virtual Central week and Cross-Reading). The Panel Meeting was held on June 3, 2024. All pertinent material was transferred promptly to the Experts, via the SEP Dashboard. The REA coordination team properly disseminated emails containing important information. Of the 205 submissions, 6 were found to be inadmissible and 5 to be ineligible; as a result, 194 submissions were evaluated. Based on Experts’ input and Independent Observer’s observations, the evaluation procedure was transparent, well-documented, and provided with clear instructions. All phases were executed promptly, adhering to the various deadlines.

The Call was challenging in terms of the complexity of its content (including an optional mentoring scheme and financial support to third parties), the number of proposals to be evaluated, the range of expertise (research, business, regional policy) required per proposal, the number of Experts and REA staff involved, and the organisation of the online briefings and consensus meetings.

Overall, the evaluation of the Excellence Hubs HORIZON WIDERA 2023 ACCESS 07 call was performed successfully and in conformity with the rules. All Experts followed the guidelines appropriately. The REA staff and Vice Chairs ensured the timely execution of all tasks assigned. The evaluation was conducted with impartiality, fairness, and confidentiality, according to the Independent Observer. Experts were impartial, all proposals were treated equally, and the same standards and judgements were applied to all proposals.

Author: Programmes & Funding Calls (Source: https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/opportunities/topic-search;programCode=HORIZON;callCode=HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-07)