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France unveils 55 ‘turnkey’ sites for clean industry

On Tuesday 16 April, the French government unveiled the list of the first 55 new sites it is making to host green industries.   Author: European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (Source:

US Western states could kake billions selling renewable energy, but they’ll need a lot more regional transmission lines

Building more regional infrastructure to distribute electricity in the West could help states more affordably meet their clean energy goals, a new study found. And they could turn hefty profits selling power out of...

EU to world: Don’t depend solely on China to hit renewable goals

The world should ensure diverse supply chains and implement a framework to track the progress made towards tripling global renewable capacity by 2030, the EU’s Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said in Abu Dhabi on...

Carbon price fall deprives Europe’s green funds of billions

A drop in the European Union’s carbon price this year could mean that a fund intended to be among the world’s biggest schemes for new green technologies will be smaller than budgeted for and...

From gold to green: Can the Paris 2024 Olympics slash emissions?

Organisers of the Paris Games have pledged to cut planet-heating emissions in half but how will they deliver on this ambition?   Author: European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (Source:

Summaries of judgments: L.G. (Continued holding of a judicial office) | GN (Ground for refusal based on the best interests of the child)

Summaries of judgments made in collaboration with the Portuguese judge and référendaire of the CJEU (Nuno Piçarra and Sophie Perez)   Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber) of 21 December 2023, L.G. (Continued holding...